A Work in Progress

I’ve been scarce around here lately; not just because of the holidays (which are busy enough), but because I’ve been stepping up my efforts to reorganize my studio.  Progress took a giant leap forward today when my wonderful husband (this week he’s “wonderful”) made two new tables and removed the cheap student desks that were previously holding up a door, which served as my former work table.

The next step (hopefully this will occur tomorrow) is for the tables to get a nice Formica covering and then I can start moving stuff back in there in earnest.

Some day, if I’m feeling quite brave, I’ll post “before” photos of the horrendous mess that reigned just two short months ago. For now, here’s a “work in progress” shot. This is as empty as this place will ever get, I’m afraid. (I’m savoring it while I can.)

work in progress


One Response to “A Work in Progress”

  1. lucy edson Says:

    Ok, I really need some inspiration in the organization department! Keep it up! lol

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and hope to see you soon!

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