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Is This Meta?

June 17, 2017

So I’ve been wanting a sewing machine cover for a very long time. Dude asked me, “Why, is your sewing machine too dusty?” I told him I’d read that dust is fatal to sewing machines, so it was, of course, a purely practical desire. Secretly, though, I wanted to make something for my studio that would be unique, colorful and awesome, and because I already have too many impractical things stuffed in there, a sewing machine cover seemed like the perfect project.

Also, it will keep the dust off.

sewing cover front

(I had to take photos on the front porch because it’s too dark in the studio and my outdoor photo booth isn’t big enough!)

The idea was planted a couple of months ago, when I watched a video about using a Gelli plate to print on muslin. The ultimate project in the video was a book cover, but I got to thinking, why couldn’t I make any fabric item I wanted to with Gelli prints?

sewing cover back

After spending a couple of hours happily Gelli printing a yard of muslin, I used several different rubber stamps to add more detail to the designs. I had measured my sewing machine and added an inch on each side for good measure; this came to 11″ wide, 13″ high and 17″ long. (This allowed space to keep the thread spool on the top, as I didn’t want to keep removing and replacing it.) Using those measurements, I cut five panels from Pellon fusible Flex Foam interfacing; this stuff is great for making sturdy fabric items that will hold their shape.

sewing cover front 1

The printed muslin was torn into smaller “patches” and ironed onto the Flex Foam, then I sewed various decorative stitches along the edges of each patch. Because I love hearts, I also used leftover printed muslin to create layered heart patches to sew on at random spots.

Black and white fabric with a tiny flower design was cut into one-inch strips, wrapped and stitched around the edge of each Flex Foam panel, then the panels were sewn together to form the cover. It fits perfectly, pops right off when I need to use the machine, adds a fun splash of color to my sewing area, and, the best part: it’s unique!

sewing cover back 2

So, is it meta that I used the sewing machine to make a cover for the sewing machine?


A Fun Use for Scraps

February 13, 2015

Not long ago I ran across a wreath on Pinterest that had been made by winding seemingly random scraps of fabric, ribbon, trims and fibers around a Styrofoam wreath form. It was adorable! I printed a photo and left it on my studio table, and it’s been simmering on the back burner for about a month. A few days ago, I was sorting through my fabric scraps and came across a little pile of flannel pieces left over from making this and a similar rag quilt:

i heart muffins front

The second quilt, which is queen-sized, is currently on the bed in our guest room. It’s very similar to this one, except the hearts are solid pink and I used four additional flannel designs (also, there’s no name on it). It struck me that a “scrappy” wreath made mostly with these fabrics would be a perfect addition to the guest room.

I started with a straw wreath, as I had picked up three of them very inexpensively at a thrift store recently. I don’t imagine I’ll buy any more wreaths of the straw variety, as they are quite messy, but the price was right! I wrapped the wreath with scraps of flannel in various widths, then covered the edges of each pieces with lace, trims, ribbons and fibers from my stash.

It took awhile to think of a suitable focal point for the wreath; finally I decided to create three stuffed hearts sewn with raw, frayed edges like those on the quilt.

flannel wreath large heart

The hearts didn’t look quite right, no matter how I placed them, and I was starting to get frustrated. Then I thought, why not add flowers to them? Instantly they looked better.

flannel wreath medium heart

They got even better when I added leaves and then a ribbon bow to each. I thought it would be too much even as I was gluing it all on, but it turned out “too much” was just what it needed!

flannel wreath small heart

I took these photos of it hanging on our front door so I could take advantage of the great sunshine we’re having today, but ultimately this will hang in our guest room, perfectly complimenting the bedspread.

flannel wreath 1

I had so much fun making this! It took almost three hours and more than a dozen hot glue sticks, but I enjoyed every minute of the process (and only burned myself twice!). About 15 years ago, I got bitten by the wreath-making bug and made a bunch for a craft fair. I don’t know why I stopped making them; they are so versatile and almost anything goes! (Apparently I forgot to vaccinate for the wreath-making bug, because now I think it’s coming back!)

flannel wreath 2