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Project Runway Fan Art, Week 2

August 27, 2017

What a great episode this past week! Not only an unconventional materials challenge, but also a team challenge! The designers were taken to a recycling center and had to create high fashion from literal garbage. Fortunately the stuff they chose was relatively clean, and consisted mostly of plastic waste of one kind or another. Team 1 called themselves “Wabi Sabi” and focused on a Japanese aesthetic. They had some great looks!

Team 3 used “sea glass” colors and called themselves “Team Tsunami.” Unfortunately, this name was prophetic, as their collection was a bit of a disaster.

Team 2, which included my favorite designer, Kenya, envisioned their client as a lady who loves to party but has to use recycled materials because she can’t afford new clothes. Their team name? “Ballin’ on a Budget.” (Yeah…I know.) They were the clear winners, and Ayana’s beautiful gown (on the far right) was chosen as the best of the best.

When contemplating this week’s fan art, I knew I wanted to emphasize hand-painted elements, newsprint, and the same burnt orange/tan/brown palette. The path to take wasn’t as obvious as last week’s mermaid dress becoming a mermaid, but I eventually decided on a hot-air balloon, to celebrate Team 2’s rise to new heights of excellence! I call it “Balloonin’ on a Budget.” (Yeah…I know.)


Re-Make It Work!

August 26, 2017

I’ve been a fan of Project Runway, the fashion design competition show, for years; stumbled across it one day during an episode of Season 3 and just couldn’t look away. I may or may not have immediately ordered DVDs of the previous seasons and added the show to the tippy-top of my DVR list! Mostly because Tim Gunn (LURVE HIM), but Heidi is pretty awesome, too. (I could listen to her accent all day.) And I wish Michael Kors were still around; I lived for his blistering, yet hilarious, critiques.

Season 16 just started and there’s a new twist: the designers are clothing models of all shapes and sizes this time, from 2 to 22! The designers themselves are a pretty eclectic bunch as well and I already have a couple of favorites. Aaaaaaaand a couple – and I do mean couple – that I could definitely live without. (Indeed.)

One aspect of the show this season has me very excited. We can submit fan art each week, honoring the previous week’s fashions, for a chance to have it featured on the show! I’ve always loved a challenge, especially when it involves creativity, and this is right up my alley.

A lot of fans are electing to sketch the models wearing their favorite fashion, and there are some amazingly talented artists doing just that. But because I’m not by any means capable of beautiful, lifelike drawings, I’ve elected to submit painted paper collages (my latest obsession) and, rather than just make a straight-forward “copy” of a model wearing a dress, I’m creating whimsical “re-imaginations” of my favorite designs.

In the first episode, the designers were sent to Mood fabric store with $300 and got to choose their own fabric to make a “red carpet” look. My favorite of these was designed by Kenya (LURVE HER); this sleek, beautiful mermaid gown:

mermaid gown

Well, it was a simple enough leap to reimagine this mermaid gown as an actual mermaid! I call it “Making Waves on the Red Carpet.”

making waves

As I type this, I’m waiting for some newly-painted papers to dry so I can create a submission for the second episode. The designers broke into teams of three for the Unconventional Challenge (always a favorite for tension and drama), in which they had to create fashion from recycled trash! The winning team’s outfits were amazing and gorgeous. I wracked my brain to come up with a way to reimagine them, without much luck, but woke up later from a two-hour nap with the perfect idea. (I must have been dreaming about it the entire time!)

Painted Paper Pet Portraits

August 19, 2017

My newest obsession started after a few marathon sessions of making prints on a Gelli plate. Which I may or may not have mentioned is fairly addictive. But what to do with all those yummy painted papers?

I started by making pretty pictures using stained glass patterns. It’s a simple process: trace the pattern onto a canvas, then trace the individual “pieces” onto painted papers. Cut them out, glue them down, outline with a heavy black pen, shade with charcoal and voila!

fairy book

Fun! So much fun I went on to make several more pieces using stained glass patterns. Eventually, though, I wanted to be more creative; to have more personal input into the final product. So why couldn’t I create my own designs?

My cat, Taz, is one of my favorite subjects to immortalize in my art. Awhile back, I decided to try tracing a photo and adding my own embellishments for the Gelli paper method. Using stained glass patterns was fun, but this took it to the next level!

taz in the garden

Recently I took up the obsession again, this time using the papers for the background as well as the main subject, and I think they look much better that way. Of course I had to do another portrait of Taz!

taz portrait

My next subject was Chloe, my dad’s cat. She’s very elegant and beautiful, albeit a little tired of being photographed all the time! I added lots of pretty details and changed her expression to a slightly more amenable one.

chloe portrait

Of course I couldn’t neglect Eloise, the kitten I rescued from a McDonald’s parking lot back in February. She’s so adorable it was easy to make a cute portrait.

eloise portrait

But I needed more subjects! Since you can’t just go swiping images off the internet, I solicited friends for photos and hit the jackpot with Sharlene, who works for the Humane Society. Hooray! She loaned me a photo of her own sweet kitten, Ozcar Wild, who ended up dressed like a clown. (She claims this is an accurate depiction.)

ozcar portrait

Aspen, the adorable puppy of a volunteer at the Humane Society:

aspen portrait

This is the unfortunately-named Cheeto, whose cuteness got her adopted very quickly! (Hopefully her new family has given her a better name.)

cheeto portrait

A friend at work let me use a photo of her chow/lab mix, Trixie. She needed a ball.

trixie portrait

And here’s my favorite doggie of all, Stella, who belongs to my BFF, Terri. (Hi, Terri! Are you surprised?)


Currently I’m working on a bunny – yes, a cute lil’ bunny! – and have several more critters in the pipeline. (Unfortunately, my stash of Gelli printed papers hasn’t been reduced by much; probably because I keep making more!)