For the Birds

One of my favorite magazines, Somerset Studio, has put out a call for tag art, due in February. As I have approximately 70-zillion blank tags and haven’t submitted anything for publication in quite awhile, I thought I’d do some experimenting.

I made a little book with two tags taped together as the cover last year for one of the Tim Holtz Compendium of Curiosities challenges hosted by the lovely Linda Ledbetter, and it turned out really cute. So I started with that idea, only this time, as I’ve been madly into sewing lately, I decided to sew on some of the elements.

The tags were colored using one of my favorite methods: swipe an inkpad to cover the entire tag, then spritz with water. I then added texture with a crackle stamp in walnut ink and sewed on part of a page from a 1930’s ledger book, a torn scrap of fabric and a pretty bird image. After that, I threw on the kitchen sink: buttons, flowers, a stapled vintage bus ticket, dotted washi tape and a Tim Holtz metal phrase tag. Glueing two more tags onto the back strengthened the cover and hid all the stitches, staple and brad fasteners.


For the inside pages, I gathered up all manner of different papers in lots of sizes: book pages, ledger sheets, vellum, doilies, envelopes, scrapbook paper, even a vintage Canadian stock certificate. I love that messy look! The final touch was to punch out three tabs from pretty scrapbook paper to add to the top. I. LOVE. TABS. Can’t get enough. Normally tabs are used for indexing or to help you find important pages in a book. These? Placed randomly, with no relevance whatsoever. They’re just pretty.

bird tag book 3.jpg

Well, that was so much fun, I made another! It wasn’t until it was almost finished that I realized the two books are similar. And by similar, I mean, almost identical! So I’m back to the drawing board to make another that doesn’t look like the little sister of the first one.




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