2017 Smash Journal

So Christmas in July is all over the place (how odd is it to have “Black Friday” sales right now?!) and it got me thinking about how busy I’ll be at the end of the year. Now, during the hazy, lazy days of summer, seems the best time to make my 2017 journal.

I don’t do a lot of what you’d call “art” journaling, per se; mostly I “smash” daily ephemera and photos, write captions and occasionally add rub-ons, stickers or penwork. My 2016 journal was made with colored cardstock, scrapbook paper and recycled book covers. This year I went with a scrappy fabric cover (naturally, as I’m obsessed with those right now!) and plain mixed media paper.

Yes, there is also bling. (Just a little!)

2017 journal front

The pages are sewn in, which isn’t usually difficult to do, but I made this so big (7×9) that I had a hard time fitting it in the sewing machine. So the page stitching got a little…wonky.

2017 journal wonky.jpg

Oh my goodness, that crazy, meandering line! It strongly reminds me of the path taken by an SUV in front of me the other day when I was driving to work. It was going 35 mph under the speed limit and swerving all over the place. When it finally pulled over so the huge line behind it could pass, it wasn’t a surprise to see the driver yakking on the phone. Which isn’t to say I was similarly distracted while sewing the pages into my book. I just had a lot of trouble wrestling the whole thing under the sewing needle, especially after the first four signatures were in! I could pick out those stitches and start over, but I’m actually okay with the wonky line. (If it were too neat, it would run the risk of being boring!)

Here’s the back:

2017 journal back

The inside is all leopard print. Which suddenly reminds me of the very early days of the internet (1982-ish?). I had an account with Q-Link, which eventually became America Online. Screen names were readily available and plentiful back then; you didn’t spend 20 minutes trying to figure out a handle nobody had taken, nor did you have to add a string of numbers to make yours unique. I chose “Leopardess” for my screen name, solely so I could use the tag line: “I’m usually spotted here.”

Yup, that was the height of hilarity back in ’82. (You kids get off my lawn!)

Back to the journal! As the paper is plain white, I plan to create backgrounds with chalks, watercolors, acrylics, etc as the year goes on. I die-cut 12 little tabs for the months on my Hello Kitty Sizzix Sidekick (the tab die is made by Quickcutz) and will add them as I go along. This way I won’t be limited to a certain number of pages per month. I do love tabs in a journal! They make it more casual and fun.

month tabs

It’s exciting to look at these representations of the upcoming year and try to imagine where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing each month! Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta do some Black Friday shopping…


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