Criminal Case Fan Art

So I’ve been hooked on this online game, Criminal Case, for about the past year. In case you’re not one of the ten million who play this game, the premise is that you’re a homicide detective in the Grimsborough Police Dept. Work your way up through the ranks solving crimes while choosing how you look, what you wear, and for extra fun, what kind of animal will be your “police dog.” Your pet helps by searching out advantages in the game, such as energy and experience points. (Good doggy!)

In the lower ranks, dogs are the only choices, but as you progress through the game, other, more exotic options become available, like monkey, raccoon, giraffe, even an ostrich! Each animal has its own capabilities and advantages, but to me, none is so awesome (and so darned cute!) as the tiger.

tai gu close

Ever since I got the tiger, I’ve never looked back. Oh, they try to tempt me with mountain goats and robot cats, but nothing is as awesome as my big kitty friend. So in honor of this faithful police pet, I created a little homage made from Gelli-printed papers glued to a book board, enhanced with markers, gel pens, charcoal pencil and lined with washi tape. It measures 6″ wide by 7″ tall.

tai gu

Yep, I’m a total Criminal Case addict, and not ashamed to admit it! (Gotta run now; my current case isn’t gonna solve itself!

Update: This piece has been featured on the “>Criminal Case fan page!


One Response to “Criminal Case Fan Art”

  1. Sugar Lump Studios Says:

    Awwww, I love your Tiger! I have not heard of this game …will have to check it out. I hope your cases are easy to solve!

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