Two Mermaids Are Better Than One

I have been seriously neglecting my Etsy shop lately (seriously! Neglecting!), but inspiration struck when I was shopping Michael’s bead sale a couple of weeks ago and found these awesome anchor-shaped turquoise-colored beads.

anchor beads

I was so inspired, in fact, that I made not one book, but two! The first features a mermaid pieced together from Gelli printed papers, using a stained glass pattern. I am still debating whether to list this in my shop; it took many hours to make and turned out so nice I think I might keep it!

mermaid side

I had originally planned to put a piece of “fishing net” along the bottom edge of the cover, but attempts to make my own net from embroidery floss turned out a little clunky. Fortunately I found the swirly rhinestone stickers in my stash; they add such a nice feeling of the moving ocean. I like the way the anchor beads are set off by the “pearls” on either end.

mermaid front

Before I found the rhinestones, I had told Dude about my failure to create an aesthetically-pleasing fish net. Unaware that I had found a substitute, he surprised me the next day by bringing home a plastic net bag full of onions! The bag is bright yellow. I mean, really, really bright yellow. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I likely couldn’t use it, but then I got the idea to try and color it with alcohol ink. It worked! I was attempting to make it a pretty ocean blue, but it turned out green instead. I think I like that better.

sea dreams side

And here is where I must apologize to anyone who has run into me personally in the last week or so (especially my poor dentist!), as Dude and I have been eating many, many onions. (They are so delicious fried up crispy in butter and salted!)

I still have a big piece of the netting bag left, plus a few remaining anchor beads, so maybe a third mermaid book will soon be in the works!

sea dreams front


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