Gelli Gone Wild!

So I’ve been continuing my love affair with making art by piecing together printed papers onto painted canvas. It’s so easy and so much fun and there are so many possibilities!

I finished this large (11×14) angel canvas the other day. The background is metallic lavender with metallic green stars; a bit difficult to see in a photograph. I liked the idea of 3-D elements, so I added rhinestones and a layered silk & paper flower. “She cast her radiance and her fragrance over me,” is from The Little Prince. The quote refers to a flower, but I think it could apply to the angel as well.

finished angel

Now after all those soft colors, my next project turned out bright and bold! I decided to create an homage to my feisty feline, Taz, because, well…it’s what I do! (I may or may not have an entire wall of the living room devoted to artwork featuring Taz, not only by myself but by quite a few other artists!)

I started by tracing my favorite photo of Taz to get the main features down, then added a little bird pal I’d modified from a stained glass pattern. The image was divided into sections with some fancy “doodling”, starting with her precious little heart. (It is precious! No matter how feisty she gets…)

The pieces took quite awhile to cut out and adhere, but it was super fun and I love the colorful result.

taz in the garden


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