Diane Salter Inspired

So the latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine has a wonderful article by Diane Salter, in which she makes beautiful art using those many Gelli printed papers we all have stacked up throughout the entire house (not just me?). Her sample piece is a cute vignette of teacups with a bird perched on top. I’ve been into foxes lately, so I chose a fox stained-glass pattern to use as my guide, not trusting myself to free-hand cut anything more complicated than a triangle!

(Foxes are awesome, aren’t they? Like the perfect balance between a cat and a dog. Only you can’t really keep one as a pet. Alas.)

I already had a gigantic stack of prints on deli paper, but this project requires something more opaque. So I forced myself to spend an evening making more Gelli prints on plain copy paper. My husband finally said, “Do you think you have enough? There are probably 100 here. Also, there is paint all over the kitchen.”

My answer? There are never enough.

So here’s what finally came about. I used the cover cut off a large old book as the substrate; gessoed and painted the background and used a Fude pen for the details. Diane uses a Pitt pen, but I didn’t have one of those and all the others I tried soon petered out on the matte-medium covered surface. (Pitt pens are on my shopping list!) I just love his little pink foots.

wild fox

This was super, super fun! I’m currently working on an angel on a large canvas with pearl paint in the background and softer colors. The first work I ever saw of Diane’s was this angel and I just fell in love with it. Mine won’t be anywhere near like hers, but I’m so inspired by her techniques!

diane angel


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