A New Obsession

So for the past month I’ve been taking an online class with the fabulously lovely and talented Jane “Danger” Davenport. “JOYnal” is all about creating a unique altered book in which we are drawing mermaids, fairies, elves and other creatures from our imaginations. It’s so much fun it should be illegal!

One of the huge highlights of the class is that we are also learning to create our own pose-able studio muses. Starting with a ball-jointed doll (such as Monster High or Ever After High), we’re removing the existing face paint and drawing our own unique faces. This was a bit of a daunting prospect at first, so I knew I would want lots of practice. I purchased a lot of seven used Monster High dolls from Ebay, scrubbed them up, fixed their hair and ordered them some inexpensive clothes.

My first two attempts were on Clawdeen, a werewolf, and Purrsephone (or possibly her twin sister, Meowlody), a zombie cat. Here’s what they looked like before I erased their factory-applied faces:

clawdeen before

zombie cats

And here they are after drawing my own! I made Meowlody (or is it Purrsephone?) much less like a fashion model and more like the cat she really is. Clawdeen still has wolf ears, but no fangs.

first two

Not bad for a first try, but I knew I could do better! I next tackled a Lagoona doll, who has webbed feet and gills, so I knew she’d be perfect to make into a mermaid.


I decided to make her eyes aqua to go with the streaks in her hair.

mermaid fairy face

Also, it wasn’t enough that she was a mermaid – I wanted her to have wings, too! My husband called her “a freak of nature,” but then I reminded him that mermaids and fairies don’t actually exist, so it’s entirely in the realm of impossibility that a fairy mermaid could also exist. (I think I hurt his brain.)

So yes, she has wings AND a tail! I colored a rubber stamped butterfly image, scanned and enlarged it, laminated it, bent it slightly and adhered it to her back with E6000 glue. I bought the tail from Ebay; it’s designed for Barbie, but fits Lagoona just fine. And because Stickles are an integral part of my life, I used them to draw a pretty design on her chest.

mermaid fairy

My next victim started life as Draculaura, a toothy-grinned gal with a sanguine personality.


Her bangs are supposed to be flat on her forehead, but my pre-loved Draculaura wears hers up like a Mohawk. No worries, it was still fun to draw her a new face! She is no longer in the business of sucking blood and now eats Cheetos and Diet Coke, just like the rest of us. (Please fail to notice she is slightly wall-eyed and instead concentrate on her super cute jumpsuit.)

former vampire

I think I am getting the hang of this! Once I’m more confident, I’ve got this incredible brand new doll to transform. She’s Apple White, daughter of Snow White, from the Ever After High series. I’ll probably give her wings, too! 🙂

apple white

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