Publication Celebration!

A couple of months ago, my favorite publishing company, Stampington, put out a call for adult coloring pages, and I was just notified they have accepted one of my entries! (I knew there was a reason my clock radio was playing the song “Happy” when it woke me up for work yesterday!)

The Coloring Studio, a special publication that will feature pages to color, advice from coloring artists and ideas for using your finished artwork, is set to hit newsstands December 1st. With adult coloring being all the rage, this book and a set of colored pencils or gel pens would make a great holiday gift!

While I can’t show the artwork that was accepted (let’s just say it’s of a feline persuasion), I can share the second one I submitted, Nature Girl. Click to see it full size (8×10) and print out to color, if you like. I colored it twice, the first time using mostly greens and blues; the second time I went crazy with bold and bright and a widely expanded palette. Which one I like better pretty much depends on my mood at the time I view it.

nature girl

Many thanks to the inimitable Jane Davenport for teaching me (painlessly) how to draw a beautiful face! I couldn’t have done this without her and, until a few months ago, wouldn’t have even tried. I’m currently taking two on-line classes with Jane and they have been invaluable! (Thanks, Jane!)

One Response to “Publication Celebration!”

  1. Anita Houston Says:

    Way to go!!! Huge congrats to you!!! LOVE her too!

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