It’s Never Too Early

I’ve been keeping a journal/diary/smash book for several years now, one per calendar year. They’re so interesting to look back on and remember what was going on in your life a year or two years or ten years ago. (And can be very helpful to prove to doubting spouses that you bought the “new” TV over five years ago! …I mean, for instance.)

In the past, I would use a commercially-made desk calendar/planner, but decided last year to make my own. I love it so, so much. I would save it in a house fire before I even considered those five bags of Cheetos Puffcorn in the kitchen cupboard. Last year Dude gave me a hard time for starting my 2015 smash book so early in 2014 (yes, it was May!). But as I told him, you have to strike while the iron’s hot, and I’ll probably be too busy later. At least I waited until July this year.

2016 smash book 6

Yes, there is glitter. Yes, there is lace. And washi tape. And a butterfly. I’ve been enamored of this particular butterfly image ever since I found a pair of wings that look exactly like these at a campground/marina in South Carolina last month on our way to New Hampshire.

2016 smash book 1

I couldn’t think of what to put in the space in the upper right, and finally decided on either the word “life” or the word “love.” Then thought, heck, why not both? It’ll be  good reminder to LOVE LIFE, ’cause I sure do!

I used four pages for each month, three of cardstock and one of which is from this beautiful 8″ paper pad from Graphic 45 called “Time to Flourish.” I found it while shopping on our trip and immediately knew it was perfect for my new smash book.

graphic 45 padEach month is represented by a double-sided patterned paper and a page with coordinating cut-outs that I can use throughout the year. I just love these!

I also did a beaded binding; rather an ambitious one! Since the book is so thick, I had room for two types of beads.

2016 smash book 2

Here’s a view of the inside front cover. I normally start my smash book with a New Year’s quote from Neil Gaiman, which will go on the left side once I decide which one I want to use.

2016 smash book 4

2016 smash book 5

I made the covers from an existing hardcover book published in 1969 called Julia Harrington. It’s full of pictorial advertisements from the 19th century and is supposed to be the diary of a girl who lived in Iowa (where I’m originally from). When you take off the lacy, flowery dust jacket, there’s a pretty picture of “Julia” and her name embossed in gold. (The gold keeps flaking off in little glittery showers, which I don’t mind at all.)

book cover

I used the front cover for the back cover of my book because I couldn’t bear to cover that pretty picture!

2016 smash book 3I am now officially ready for 2016 and all the adventures it is certain to bring!


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