Cirque du Soleil Party!

So over on, they’re having a contest sponsored by Ticketmaster to make something related to “live events” – such as concerts, plays, sporting events, etc. One of the highlights of my bucket list is to attend a performance by Cirque du Soleil, and I knew it would make a fun and colorful theme for my creation.

After much thought and the rejection of a dozen (fairly lame) ideas, I decided to create a birthday party for someone who loves Cirque du Soleil. Mostly because I love making party items, despite that I have never even once thrown a party. (I’ve also been known to make jewelry, though I almost never wear it. Go figure!)

The first order of business was to study images and videos of Cirque performers to get an idea for a color scheme. This ended up based on the most commonly used makeup colors: lime green, turquoise, hot pink, bright yellow and red-orange.

Every party needs a banner, so that’s where I started. I drew the faces in pencil, water-colored them and added final details with a black gel pen.

cirque party face 5

The faces were mounted with foam tape onto flags made from cardstock and edged with Stickles glitter glue.

cirque party banner

The items in the corner are pinwheels made of animal-print cardstock, buttons and painted dowels.

Tip: Pinwheels look very easy to make. They are not. They will fight you every step of the way. Most of the helpful on-line instructions will helpfully suggest you use a pin. A pin is not up to the job. I had to get serious and use a stapler.

(This has been my “what Pinterest doesn’t tell you” tip of the day. You’re welcome.)

A friend from work recently gave me some apothecary jars from an estate sale. I used one to make her a “captured fairy” jar, in which the fairy was her cat with glued-on wings. (And a crown, of course, because all cats are royalty.) One day I might remember to post a photo of it! Anyway, I decided to use a couple of the other jars to hold candy at the party. These were decorated with printouts of the Cirque du Soleil logo. I printed the largest one on a transparency so you can see the yummy candy inside the jar.

cirque party candy

Candy is expensive, y’all! It would have cost about $15 to buy enough brand name candy to fill these jars, and they aren’t even that big! So my party attendees will have to settle for cinnamon disks and “gourmet” jelly beans (yeah, not those jelly beans). The important part was that it looked pretty in the jar; also, my husband is not that fussy about candy.

So what’s a party without cupcakes? They are much less messy than cutting up a cake and with a lot less clean-up afterwards. I had some vintage ballerina cupcake toppers in my stash; it took only a bit of paint to transform them into Cirque performers.

cirque party cupcakes

These little gals did NOT want to hold their new flags! I had to convince them via torture by pliers. (Who knew ballerinas could be so uncooperative?) While it was fun to give them new faces, I had to wear glasses on glasses on a magnifying glass in order to get the details right. Their tiny faces are less than 1/2″ tall!

cirque party ballerina closeup

And finally, the piece de resistance, a centerpiece made from a (Mulan) Barbie doll, air-dry clay, lots of paint and glitter and, of all things, an old bathroom faucet handle!

cirque party centerpiece

Dude recently changed out our bathroom faucets, and I realized this old acrylic faceted handle would be perfect for my acrobat to stand on. She’s held on there with a mound of epoxy clay, which I disguised with Stickles “sea glass” glitter, and the handle was attached to a glass/silver sundae dish with E-6000 cement. I filled the dish with beads from a recently-intact necklace. (Have I mentioned I don’t wear jewelry?)

The flowers were a serendipitous find I picked up at the thrift store about a week ago. They were part of a “luau party” photo backdrop and the colors happened to go really well with my party scheme, so I strewed them around to add more pops of color.

cirque party whole

So there you have it – a Cirque du Soleil party in the making! One day I’ll actually get to see the show. Maybe I’ll bring Acrobat Mulan with me; it’s not like she’s gotten out much either.

(Want to see the rest of the entries? Lots of fun “live event” themed creations here; my favorites so far are the Monkees shrine and the Rocky Horror cake!)


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