Except Mine is a Fairy…

So I’ve been watching Kelly Donovan on YouTube; she is a fun, sweet and quirky gal who loves mixed-media art and loves to share ideas and projects. Last week, she started a “folk art angel” project and I decided to follow along. I’ve been wanting to create more “original” artwork (via drawing and painting instead of using existing images) and need all the practice I can get! It’s been fun digging out all the acrylic paints, watercolor paints, crayons, pencils, etc. that I’ve had squirreled away forever. Usually I buy them for a class and then never use them again! What a waste. But – no more.

Kelly breaks up her projects into several videos over the course of several days so everyone can keep up. Well, she’s still not done with hers, but I got a bee in my behind and finished mine up last night!

Mine looks very different from Kelly’s; for one thing, I created it on a large (11″ x 16″) piece of wood that Dude cut for me awhile back rather than on paper. Also, instead of randomly placing torn scraps of various papers, I adhered wide strips of scrapbook paper horizontally. The papers all go together, color- and design-wise, as they were left over from a book project. I thought I’d see how the background turned out with the strips, and I like it!

I stamped, stenciled and then applied a light wash of gesso. When that dried, I adhered the painted face, painted the hair, then created a dress for her from more scrapbook paper, painted it, and used a wing stencil to draw the wings. I painted in the wings and used Distress Stickles in the “openings” to add some sparkle. Added some lace, a paper butterfly, a pretty flower and some stenciled words to remind me to “create magic” every day!

angel canvas


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