Compendium Challenge #20

Once again I find myself getting a project done at the last minute! We’re having a blast at Linda Ledbetter’s fun and fancy blog for challenges based on Tim Holtz’s newest book, Compendium of Curiosities III. This time the sponsor is The Funkie Junkie Boutique, and what a great place to get all your newest artistic accouterments!

We have turned to page 40 in our Compendiums and learned some useful additions to the watercolor technique. I love Tim’s version of watercoloring and don’t do it nearly often enough. It was fun to pick out a stamp that would look great being colored in this fashion, and I quickly settled on one of the many mermaid stamps I have owned for many years. Unfortunately I can’t remember who makes this stamp (and forgot to write it down when I first bought it, as I usually do), but I just love her; she’s such a pretty lady of the sea!

mermaid tag 3

I used the technique as described in the book, adding some of my own special touches. When it came time for the spritzing, I masked off the mermaid’s face and most of her body, as I didn’t want any speckles there. After tearing the watercolor paper around her, I decided she was a good size for a tag, so I made the background on a tag with my favorite Tim Holtz background technique: cover it with various shades of Distress Ink and then spritz with water. I just love the look!

mermaid tag 2

I departed from my usual “everything is lined up and centered and straight” approach this time; which was so much fun! The paper had curled up a little from the water, so I left it that way and just glued the center down. The lace, flowers, mulberry paper and crepe paper were added in the same way; a little off-kilter and not quite firmly glued down. I need a lot more practice before I can do this kind of thing with skill, but I’ve always loved that “thrown-together without a care” look that some talented artists can achieve. (Of course, we all know it takes a very long time to make something look like it took a minute!)

mermaid tag 1

As usual, the final touches had to be Stickles. (I have all the new colors on their way to me as we speak! I’m a Stickles hoarder/junkie/collector!) I mixed Persimmon Stickles with Ranger Glossy Accents to embellish the floral lace, and made a couple of flourishes with True Blue covered with Diamond to tone down the color a little.

There are plenty of challenges left to go and loads of inspiration from the Curiosity Crew! You have two entire weeks to finish each challenge, so won’t you join us?


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2 Responses to “Compendium Challenge #20”

  1. Teresa Swanson Says:

    Gosh! Lisa! You are so talented. I love your blog and all of the challenges you are able to be a part of in your creativity. It’s no wonder you have so much amazing ‘stuff’ available in your Etsy shop.
    warm wishes,
    Teresa in California

  2. cherylspaperartz Says:

    Nice tag, Lisa! Your mermaid is very “swimmy”, lots of motion in your art. Thanks for sharing it on CC3C!

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