Hooked on Gelli

So my gal pal Terri finally talked me into a getting a Gelli plate.  We’d been considering them for awhile, but they’re a little costly, and we had agreed that blindly following the latest trends didn’t always work out so well for us.  (A testament to this is my large collection of gee-gaws and gadgets from past retreats and conventions that I went crazy for when demonstrated and are now gathering dust!)

Terri was the first to cave in, and thank goodness – she loves her new Gelli plate.  She talked me into getting one, too (granted, it didn’t take much arm-twisting: see above about my going crazy for the latest gee-gaws and gadgets).  We had an “art day” at her place a couple weeks ago and made dozens of fabulous prints with our plates.  I have since made at least a hundred more!  (I should mention it’s a bit addicting.)

gelli plate

My favorite surface to print on is deli wrap paper, and Terri very generously let me keep the rest of the box we’d been using while I learned to print.  Deli paper is large, fairly transparent (which makes it easy to tell when you’ve got a great print) and so versatile.  I love finding new ways to make marks in the paint for unique and colorful prints.  It’s always exciting to see what you get!

bubble wrap 1

Bubble wrap!  Isn’t this fabulous?  So unusual and organic.  It reminds me of something you’d find in the sea.

bubble wrap big

This is the result of pressing the bubble wrap onto a clean sheet after using it to mark the plate.  I love this look, too!  There are lots of colors because I didn’t clean my plate in between rollings, so dregs of paint from the previous batch were pulled up at the same time.

rubber ball 1

The marks on this sheet were made by rolling around a small ball (thank you for letting me steal your toy, kittehs!) that had been wrapped in a few rubber bands.

rubber ball 2If you leave a plain sheet next to your work surface, you can roll the rubber-band ball onto it to clean off the paint and make yet another interesting background.  (The colors behind the marks are from another printed sheet that is glued to the back of it.)

bubble wrap 2This is large bubble wrap plus rubber-band ball.

bubble wrap smallAnd small bubble wrap!

So, what to do with all those printed papers?  I needed to figure out something before they reached the ceiling.  I checked around a little and found a blogger who said they had glued the papers together back to back and used them as journal pages.  What a great idea!  I happened to have a set of 5″x7″ canvas book covers from the clearance aisle at Michael’s that were just the right size for a photo album.  Once the pages were glued together and cut, I sewed around the edges to make sure they didn’t separate and to add some texture and interest.  I also adhered printed deli paper to the canvas covers.  I didn’t think glue stick would work that well, so I glued the paper on with gel medium.  It took some time to dry, but it worked perfectly!

photo album

The heart was made from leftover scraps of patterned paper cut into squares, with “stitching” added with a black pen.  Though you can’t tell from the photo, the heart is mounted on foam tape to add dimension and pop it off the bubble-wrap printed background.

I had some small pieces left over from cutting out the pages for the album that were the perfect size for an ATC (Artist Trading Card).  So, on to my next project!  I will definitely be making more of these.

gelli atcI have big plans for a few more of the deli papers.  Recently Michael’s had a sale on photo boxes, which I like to use for studio storage.  They didn’t have any patterned ones that I especially liked, so I purchased several of the plain white ones.  I think the Gelli prints will look amazing on them; bonus: they’re thin enough to cover a box without causing issues with the lid fitting properly.  After that, I’ll need to come up with even more ideas, because my stack of prints is getting dangerously near the ceiling, and I make at least a dozen more of them per day!

Many thanks to Terri for encouraging me to try the Gelli Plate.  This is one “trendy” gee-gaw that was well worth the investment!


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4 Responses to “Hooked on Gelli”

  1. windinn Says:

    Fabulous Gelli printing…love the album cover!

  2. The Other Chick Says:

    I finally got some large bubble wrap yesterday – You wouldn’t believe how much stuff I ordered before I finally got some! Kidding. I do love the look of yours.

    Twisted your arm! LOL!

    Will you be using a print with the April calendar pages?

    Love the idea of covering plain boxes, let me know how it goes. I knew you would come up with ideas on how to use them.

    Great little book!

  3. Kathy Gledsdale Says:

    Lovely work

  4. Kim Gacki Eckert Says:

    Great prints! The Gelli is so addicting!

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