Yes, I’m Addicted

…to a video game, that is!  It’s an obsession that has lasted several months and isn’t likely to abate any time soon.  The game, which is free, is called “My Singing Monsters,” and when you first try it, you might think it’s pretty silly, shake your head and decide to move on.

I’m so glad I didn’t.

As stated so eloquently in my favorite review of the game, “I approve highly of this game and recommend it, not only as a winsome past time, but as a panacea for generalized anxiety disorder.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

In a nutshell, you start with an island that is devoid of life, save for a few trees.  You purchase eggs to hatch monsters – yes, monsters that sing! and play instruments! – and later you can breed monsters to create new and even better creatures.  As your experience grows, along with the monsters, who reward you with gold coins for feeding and pampering them, you can discover new islands and new monsters and, more importantly, new songs!

Even more exciting is the ability to “purchase” plants, structures, paths, statues and other objects to beautify and personalize your landscape.  This is where your creativity really sings!  Another fun feature is that you can view and vote for the islands of other players. I have to tell you, I’ve been impressed to discover a number of “Martha Stewart Monster Decorators” out there!

Like a good animated Disney movie, this game appeals to all ages and is highly entertaining.  And did I mention it’s free? It started as an app for mobile devices last year, and a few months ago was made available on the Big Fish game site for pc’s.

Thanks, Big Fish!  I’m hooked!  (Pun totally intended.)

Here’s a look at my “Cold Island,” a work in progress.  (Click to see larger.) For the next week or so, it is all dressed up for the holidays!

xmas island


One Response to “Yes, I’m Addicted”

  1. Terri Says:

    I’m so glad you decorated for the holidays! Love what you’ve done with it! So cheerful!

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