Cigars – 5 Cents

Which was probably the going price when I first decorated this wooden cigar box back in 2001.  I ran across it a couple weeks ago while reorganizing my studio, and I have to tell you, it was pretty awful.  I’d basically just copied pictures and quotes from a Tracy Porter book and glued them all down, along with tissue and lace papers, using some sort of high-gloss substance that encased it all in a shiny, resin-like shell. Nothing was distinct about any of the elements; they were all pale pastel colors that seemed to blend into one another. Worse, some of the pictures were photos of textural embellishments, such as pom-poms and paper flowers, which is a ridiculous substitute for actual textural embellishments!

Happily, I forgot to take photos of the monstrosity before I sat down to rework it.  (Because I’m easily embarrassed, even though I’ve come a long way in the last 12 years!)

The first thing the box needed was a good sanding and a coat of gesso on the lid. Then I applied a napkin with a pink rose design. Next came a bit of torn mulberry paper, a pretty image in a rose frame cut from a book, two die cut parchment doilies, ribbon, lace, rhinestones and glitter.

rose cigar box 1

I improved the rest of the box by covering the front with velvet ribbon and lace and the sides and back with washi tape.  A bit of pink lace with a chipboard butterfly hanging in the front makes it easy to pull up the lid.

rose cigar box 2

I’ve been collecting pretty boxes to store things in my newly reorganized studio; I think this one will be perfect to hold my collection of die cuts.

One Response to “Cigars – 5 Cents”

  1. lynne Says:

    Such an adorable image on this perfectly pretty box – gorgeous.

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