Work of Heart

I’ve always been drawn to artwork in a grid pattern, and have always liked the heart symbol, too.  Seems lately I’ve been seeing a lot of grids with hearts, whether I’m flipping through an old issue of Cloth Paper Scissors or idly perusing Pinterest and various art blogs.

heart closeup

Recently I’ve been cleaning and reorganizing my studio, and decided to purchase this wonderful rolling storage cart.  The reason my studio was so messy is that I always want to keep everything together for one particular project…and then it would sit on my work table while I moved onto something else.  Then that something else would get piled on top of it…and so on and so forth, until I’d have only a square foot of space to work in!  It was getting ridiculous.  But this cart allows me to store everything I need for one project into each of its drawers, freeing up my entire work table for only what I’m working on at the moment. When it’s time for a new project, I just pull out a drawer and bring it to the table.  It’s so handy!

As I was cleaning last week, I found, deep down in the pile, some small rectangles of wood that I had my husband cut for me a few months ago.  I had painted them white, but that was as far as I got. Finding the pieces inspired me to finally make that heart grid project I’d been mooning over!

An 8×10 canvas was the starting point; I spread decoupage medium all over it and smoothed on the top ply of a beautiful paper napkin. While that dried, I adhered text from a book of dream interpretation onto each of the wood pieces. I tried to use words that evoked a fairy tale romance, such as knight, castle, ballerina, bride, etc.  I added a wash of watercolor to each block, then adhered them to the canvas in a grid pattern.

The final touch was to cut hearts from corrugated cardboard, distress and paint them and add a layer of sparkly glitter glue and a button to each.

work of heart

I went around the edge of each heart, each block and the canvas with a charcoal pencil, then added dots of paint and a love quote.

There are enough wood pieces left to do at least two more, but rather than sitting on my table, they are back in the drawer until I’m ready to make another!  (Did I mention I love my new storage cart?)


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