P is for Purple Pony

So a gal at work asked me to make a special book for the 12 year-old daughter of a friend.  She knows exactly three things about this girl: her age, her  name and the fact that she loves My Little Pony.  So I could only guess what colors and embellishments would be appropriate.

Thinking back to my 12 year-old self (yes, it did take awhile to reach back that far!), I remembered that my favorite color then was purple. My parents had decided to replace the carpet in my room and actually asked me what color I would like to have.  (Yay!)  So I spent the next few years, even long after growing out of my purple obsession, with a very fluffy bright lavender carpet.  It was one of my favorite things!  My other favorites, at that age, were unicorns.  Couldn’t get enough.  So I get why this gal just loves her some My Little Pony.

My friend provided a nice sketchbook, so all I had to do was decorate the cover.  I painted the existing cover black, then dusted it with gold, purple and blue interference Pearl Ex.  It’s hard to see the metallic sheen in the photo, but it looks amazing in person.

laurens pony 1

The chipboard letters were painted black and spiffed up with gold Stickles and, while it’s not obvious in the photo. the white part of the flower is completely covered with fine clear glitter.  Sparkly and fun!  I showed the finished book to my husband, who said, “Why not add some ribbons or something to the coil?”  Man, that guy has some great ideas sometimes.  The big sheer ribbon bow and gold key tied onto the fibers added the perfect finishing touch.

laurens pony 2

The 12 year-old that lives inside me totally wants this!  Hmmm…maybe it’s not too late to change the name…


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