Craft Break!

I’ve been sick with food poisoning (at least I think that’s what it is) the last couple days, so unfortunately missed the last Scintilla Project prompt.  But I did manage to get a photo of my entry for the Joann Fabrics “Create With Eight” contest!

Do you love a crafty challenge?  Check it out!  The contest is to use exactly eight materials (from a list of 20) – no more, no less – to create anything you like.  Entries are due by March 31 and voting begins the next day.  I don’t normally enter contests that rely on voting, since I refuse to solicit votes, but the Joann’s people are going to also choose some winners, so I’m cool with this one.

It was super fun to make something using only eight materials.  At first I thought it would be difficult to use that many, but as it turned out, I would have liked one or two more.  But what a great way to think outside the box and make do with what you have!

I chose craft foam, scrapbook paper, glitter, buttons, yarn, ribbon, wooden beads and acrylic paint.  I’d never worked with craft foam before (except to use as a rubber stamp cushion) and was surprised at how sturdy and versatile it is.

create with 8 sr


Ta-Da!  A sweet pink crown!  I love crowns – have many stamps, stickers, rub-ons and Dresden of crowns – but never made a “real” one until now.  This was so much fun!  Can’t you see it on a little girl in a fluffy pink dress at her princess birthday party?  🙂

I was going to use silk flowers and tulle (two more possible materials in the contest) and really “frou-frou” it up, but I’d already used my eight materials.  I’m anxious to make another, though, and really go over the top!


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