Scintilla Project, Day 5

As usual, it’s Day Six technically, but since I work the overnight shift, it’s still Sunday to me!  On the weekends, we only get one prompt, and luckily this one isn’t too complicated:

1. What talent do you have that your usual blog readers don’t know about? Talk about a time when you
showed it to its best advantage.

Only my work colleagues know about this particular talent, because it’s limited to that venue.  Here it is: I do killer impersonations!  I don’t specifically mean to, but when I’m recounting a conversation, I always adopt the voice and mannerisms of the person who did the talking, in order to better get across how they sounded and acted.  Inevitably, the person I’m speaking to starts laughing and says, “You sound just like him/her!”

Unfortunately, this particular talent is lost on everyone outside of my workplace, because they don’t know any of the people I’m impersonating.  Having said that, I do usually get a laugh out of my husband when I imitate the way he always makes a HUGE fuss whenever I accidentally scratch him or poke him or step on his foot or what-have-you.  (“OMG, is it bleeding? Can you call an ambulance?  Make sure you catch me if I lose consciousness.”)

I adore comedians who do impressions.  Adore. Them.  One of my favorites is Kevin Pollack, whose vision of alternate Star Trek actors is get-a-hanky hilarious.  (It’s an oldie, but a goodie!)  So I’m proud of my ability to do a great impersonation, even if it’s only appreciated by a few.

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