Scintilla, Day Two

The Scintilla Project is great for my poor neglected blog!  I now have to write every day, so this is a new thing.  We’ll see how it goes, but I am determined to get through the whole two weeks!

Two prompts are offered each day, and again I chose number one:

1. What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told? Why? Would you tell the truth now, if you could?

This is a toughie!  I guess it depends on how you define “big” when it comes to lies. Maybe I’ll just go with the one I feel most guilty about.

It’s funny; the first story I told occurred when  I was 20 years old. The one I’m about to tell occurred when I was 19.  I suppose things were a lot more interesting in my life back then.  But not always in a good way.

I was a very late bloomer.  I didn’t reach puberty until age 16 and had zero interest in “boys” and things of that nature for quite a long time after that.  I remember at that age being with a group of friends, goofing around out in the woods.  The only guy in the group and another girl suddenly disappeared, and after awhile we went looking for them.  What a shock it was when we did find them – in flagrante delicto! – although when I think back,  I was probably the only one who was inexperienced enough to have never seen anything like that before.

So now we fast-forward:  I’m 18 years old, still living at home – still inexperienced! – and I’ve been friends with my manager at work, who is 23, for a couple of years.  He has recently broken up with his girlfriend and things are definitely getting more friendly between us.  So, in preparation for what I know is going to eventually happen, I pick up a brochure about birth control at Planned Parenthood.  (Because parenthood was not on my list of future goals.)

Eventually my mother found the brochure in a desk drawer in my room.  Until then, I had no idea she was snooping around in there! (Wonder how long that had been going on!)  Well, she went ballistic when she found the brochure.  She knew I was getting friendly with my manager and she did NOT approve of him. (I could do better!  Why would I waste my life on HIM?!  What was I thinking?  And even worse, birth control pills do horrible things to your body!  They can even KILL you!!!)

My mother tended to be very dramatic.

So I did it.  I told a big, fat, whopping, huge, lie.

“Oh no, it’ s nothing like that.  We were given those brochures at school last year.  I forgot I even had it and I never did read it.  I have no reason to use birth control pills.”  Yada-yada…

Well, she bought it.  Hook, line and sinker.  Maybe she was so traumatized by the idea of me – OMG! – having relations! – that she was more willing to accept my lie.  I really did sell it, though.  Acted nonchalant and shrugged, the whole nine yards.  So maybe she really did believe me.  I’ll never know, since I never told her the truth and now she’s gone.

I still feel kind of guilty about that lie.  As it turned out, my mother was right.  I COULD do better, and he WAS a waste of time, and while birth control pills never killed me (LOL!), they did make me bloated and cranky sometimes.  🙂

Would I take it back if I could?  I actually wouldn’t.  We both felt better after I told the lie and there were some things I’m sure she was happier not knowing.

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