It’s March Already!

February is far too short a month and March always sneaks up on me.  So I was actually surprised when Gail over at Mind Wide Open posted another challenge already.  Except it’s not “already” – it really is March!  And amazingly, I got mine done early this month.  With my work schedule, I knew it was “now or never.”

I’ve been using the Mind Wide Open challenges as an opportunity to add to the art journal I made way back in the summer of 2011; it’s the first book I made in Mary Ann Moss’s most excellent “Full Tilt Boogie” class.  (The first of literally over a hundred, which boggles my mind!)  There are now only a few spreads left to do and I’ll be so stoked when it’s done.  That means I’ll get to make another!  Because I totally need an excuse to make yet another book!

(Wow.  Okay, I think I need more sleep.)

So without further ado, here’s the beautiful image Gail provided for us this month.  Like last time, it’s a background.  I am ADORING these backgrounds; they are so versatile.  I will definitely be using this one again.

mwo march image


And here’s the journal page I did in the wee hours this morning – mostly without caffeine.

mwo march sr


A beautiful sheet of K&Company scrapbook paper and b&w polka dot deco tape were already in place.  I tore out the image, distressed and inked the edges with “old paper” Distress Ink and added a pretty vintage lady.  I cut out an additional butterfly from a smaller printout of the background and made some flourishes with “black diamond” Stickles.  Here’s a shot of the whole spread, which isn’t nearly done yet:

mwo march whole


I still need to “beef up” the left-hand page, which already had a butterfly tag attached from a Tim Holtz swap.

Since I had the journal open and the camera on anyway, I decided to take a photo of one of my favorite spreads.  This one may not actually be “done” yet either; I keep revisiting it and adding more stuff.

mermaid spread


Unlike this mermaid, my art journal is getting very, very fat!  🙂


One Response to “It’s March Already!”

  1. Sara Windsor Says:

    Beautiful work!

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