GLAM Indie Craft Show

Tomorrow is the big day!  I’ve been neglecting this poor ol’ blog lately in order to get ready for the show…what a thrill to be accepted to vend at GLAM!

This article appeared in the local college newspaper yesterday – the excitement is building!

I’m bringing just over 50 books, a bunch of shabby chic sachets, pop-up gift card holders, candy tins, candy boxes, “magic” wands, mini leather book keychains/necklaces, gift tag sets and the cutest little vintage style dog and cat ornaments!  (Did I leave anything out? Hmmmm…)

I’m excited and nervous at the same time!  Hopefully it will be a busy, busy day and I won’t have time to be nervous.  Many thanks are due to my patient hubby (“Dude”), who helped build the displays, set up a mock table for me to plan everything on and dug around until he found a couple of dollies that will definitely help in the loading and unloading.  Here’s to a great show!


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