Mind Wide Open is BACK!!!

Okay, it’s actually been back since last month.  But last month I dropped the ball and didn’t get a project made on time.  Mind Wide Open is a challenge blog, wherein each month a beautiful digital image is provided and anyone who wants to can create something with it in the first week of the month.  After the deadline, all the entries are posted and voters decide who wins; the prize being a gift certificate to Shabby Cottage Studio.

I never win contests that rely on voting, since I don’t bother to solicit votes, but I’ve always enjoyed the Mind Wide Open challenges because the images are beautiful and it’s so much fun to see how different artists interpret it.  When those gorgeous projects are posted, I get so much pleasure from checking out each one in detail and visiting the blogs of each artist.

This month’s image is so sweet and pretty.  Love the colors!


I wasn’t certain until today exactly what I was going to do with it, though.  I was in my studio cutting out some images for future projects when I happened to notice my big, fat art journal lying nearby.  A light bulb went off.  Why not do a page in my journal?  It had been a few months since I’d worked in the poor, neglected thing, so I got started right away.  I worked quickly, using things that were at hand, because daylight was waning and I wouldn’t have another chance to get a good photo until after the deadline!


I’m so excited that Mind Wide Open is back.  Many thanks to Gail for generously sharing her beautiful images!


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