Sweet Scented Stuff!

So I’ve been perusing my past issues of art magazines, getting ideas for my first craft show.  I have to say, the Stampington publication, Somerset Holidays & Celebrations, is one of the best sources out there for beautiful projects, and Volume 4 (2010) is the best of the best!  So much inspiration and so many lovely things, my favorite being the sweet “spring sachets” by Audrey Hernandez.  Audrey confesses she almost never sews, which encouraged me to try my hand at these simple fabric pouches.  Audrey used pre-printed fabric images and didn’t add scent (hers are solely for display in a pretty bowl), whereas I printed my favorite images onto fabric and am scenting most of them.

I found a source on-line for inexpensive, highly concentrated fragrance oils; happily, you can order samples (perfume vial size) for a very reasonable cost.  I ordered ten fragrances (two Christmas types, the rest mostly floral) and figured out that each sample vial will scent eight sachets, which comes to just over 9 cents each.  Such a deal!  🙂



This is one of the first I made, and it’s really far too large, over 4″ tall.  After this one, I reduced the size of my image prints and now most of them are about 2/3 this size.



On some I did a little stamping, on others I added flowers, Stickles, etc.  What’s consistent among all of them is dyed cheesecloth, which was in the original instructions.  I love the way it looks!  What I didn’t love so much was the color of my hands after an intense dying session.  Still, the colors turned out great.



So far I’ve made about 30 sachets; I do them assembly-line style, and calculated that they take about 1/2 hour each to put together.  A lot of that depends on how much time I spend on the decorating part.  🙂



I’m using mostly scraps now, but when it’s time to make more, I’m going to buy more checked or striped fabric; it makes it easier to keep the stitching lines straight!




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