Like Night and Day

So a lady at work asked me to make a notebook for her nephew, who is soon going to be joining the Army.  They’re having a party for him this coming Saturday, so time was short.  I didn’t find out much about him, except his name, so it was a challenge to come up with a suitable theme for his book.  After some thought, I decided to go with “Army.”  🙂

The covers are chipboard wrapped with painted canvas (I tried to get as close to “Army green” as I could) and the background is actually an iron-on patch for camo clothes that I found at Walmart.  I just cut off the top edge and voila, a pocket.  Yes, the young man’s last name is “Payne” – and here I will refrain from joking about how funny it would be if he were to attain the rank of Major.

I thought I had some military buttons, but it turns out mine are all from other countries.  Cool as they are, they just would not do. Then my husband came up with the perfect closure: an eagle insignia that was on his dress uniform cap when he was in the Navy (umpteen thousand years ago).  Hooray for pack rats!  He said he could polish it up, but I like the tarnished look.  So cool to have something authentic for the book!

Inside, the requested lined notebook paper (I cannibalized a comp book), plus a few pages with various patriotic quotes, just to make things interesting.

Well!  After all the effort it took to suppress my natural inclination to pile on flowers, rhinestones and ribbons, I had to get straight to work on something girly – before I went nuts!

Bonus: a butterfly!  It doesn’t get much more girly than that.

I’m so glad I was able to sneak in some pretty stuff before my next project: a baby book!  (Alas…it’s for a boy.)


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