Crystal Clear

So I’ve been busy making cards; something I haven’t done in quite some time.  I cheated a little by purchasing boxes of pre-folded printed cards with envelopes.  This saved me a ton of time cutting and folding, so I could concentrate on the cool part – the gift card pop-up!  Yep, each of these cards has a hidden surprise – a cardstock mechanism inside into which you insert a gift card.  When the recipient opens the card, the gift card pops up to greet them!  The directions are on this blog.  How fun is that?!

I’ve finished 50 cards so far and in order to display them nicely, keep the card and envelope together as a set and avoid messy fingerprints, I ordered beautiful crystal clear self-sealing envelopes from Blockheads.  They make the cards look so professional and pretty.  And what a great bargain at $9 for 100, especially since my package actually contained 110!

I made many different designs, but they are all similar in some respects in order to make the assembly process faster. The most fun part was adding Stickles; they really elevate the images to something special. It’s hard to see the glitter in the photos and they’re not as sharp as they could be since they’re inside their clear envelopes, but this is a good sampling of a few of the designs.







One Response to “Crystal Clear”

  1. Cathrine Says:

    Beautiful cards! I love the photo on the last one. Those girls are adorable.

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