Old Calendars = Tons of Fun!

Who knew recycling an old calendar could be so much fun?  The smaller journal I made first had a machine-sewn binding and pages collaged with Mod Podge, but this new one is entirely sewn – not a drop of glue in sight!  I used a 12″ square calendar with a butterfly theme and lots of interesting ephemera from my stash.

The back cover gives you an idea of what the inside calendar pages look like.  I left the butterfly pages plain and embellished only the calendar grids, so there’s a humongous butterfly on every other page spread.

Here’s a look at some of the embellished pages.  It was so much fun breaking out my sewing machine again!  It had been a long time since we parted ways.



And now I really am going to use my beloved Cynthia Hart Victoriana calendars!  I have five of them saved from past years and I think they’ll be amazing as journals.  Maybe I’ll even load up the sewing machine with pink thread!  (Oh, say it isn’ true!  Pink?  Really?!  Bestill my girlish heart!)


One Response to “Old Calendars = Tons of Fun!”

  1. Terri Says:

    Oh My Word! This is Awesome!! Love it! Those inside pages are stunning, filled with girly goodness. Beautiful. And no glue! Gotta love that.

    Pink thread – I can hardly wait!

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