New Use for Old Calendars

So my BFF, Terri, bought me an on-line class for my birthday!  (Am I one lucky chick, or what?)   I’d had my eye on Patty Van Dorin’s calendar journal class for some time, but thought I was too busy to take the plunge just yet.  I’m so glad I finally checked it out, because what a great time I’ve been having!  This is one of those classes where you just itch to get started on your own project.

Patty teaches you how to make a fun, scrappy art journal entirely from one calendar and a few miscellaneous papers, fabrics, etc.  I made it through the first four videos and then immediately ran to my studio and gathered up all those beautiful calendars I just couldn’t bear to throw away!

This is my first effort; it’s a nice purse size (4″ wide by 7-3/4″ tall) made from a calendar that was 8″ square.

And the back:

The calendar theme was beautiful bouquets of flowers in various settings – very shabby chic!  I left the pretty illustrations as they were and covered the calendar grid pages with ledger papers, old maps, wallpaper, dictionary pages, etc.

My next one will be made from one of the many 12″ Cynthia Hart Victoriana calendars I’ve saved over the years.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out!


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