I also had to…

So a couple weeks ago I was inspired by this post from the inimitable Mary Ann Moss, who had in turn been inspired by yet another clever and talented person.  Check it out!

Since I have approximately 20 million deco tapes…and since my existing keyboard is a veritable breeding ground for whatever form of life springs from a combination of cat hair and dried marinara sauce (please don’t attempt to picture this.  It’s much worse in reality), this was a project I could really get into.

My first step was to order a new white keyboard.  This was more difficult than it would seem.  The prettiest ones are made for Macs, which I do not have.  The coolest ones don’t qualify for free shipping on Amazon.  (99% of the time, this is a deciding factor in my purchase decision.)  But eventually I found something crazy wonderful: a PINK keyboard!  The keys are white – perfection all around.

I planned to go with multi-color at first, as Mary Ann (and her mentor) had done.  But when life hands you a pink, white and black keyboard, why not just roll with that color scheme?

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough pink and black tapes for a good variety, but what I did have was plenty of ribbon!  I used my go-to glue, Fabri-Tac, to attach the pieces of ribbon.  I think they’ll hold out just fine.  And if not?  I have plenty more where they came from.  Of course, I couldn’t stop before adding some touches of bling in the form of Stickles and rhinestones.

I’ll have to find a new place to dine on stuffed cheesy bread and try to keep the cats at bay (Herculean tasks, both of them), but the sight of this wonderful pinkness will be worth it!

One Response to “I also had to…”

  1. Terri Says:

    This looks like the keyboard you were meant to have! It’s adorable and so girly! It wants to be used!

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