Snow King

I’m back in the swing of making journals after returning from the wonderful Michael’s Craft Cruise (an experience I’ll NEVER forget!) and since the Christmas season is in full swing, it’s time to start cranking out the holly and jolly!

While shopping at one of our local upscale thrift shops recently, I found a pretty blue tea towel with an embroidered snowman on it.  Perfect to decorate a Christmas book cover!  A shopping trip to Michael’s garnered some beautiful K&Company Christmas paper – hooray, they finally have Christmas paper!

I had a pair of recycled blue book covers in my stash, and covered the front one with the embroidered snowman snipped from the tea towel.  Deciding to limit the cover to three colors, I added embellishments in snow white, blue and pale mint green.  I was lucky to find the perfect jacquard ribbon at Joann’s a few weeks ago.

The snowman didn’t look quite right when I was finished.  Looking at it again a few hours later, I realized he needed a crown.  Yes, it would ruin the tri-color scheme, but since there are gold threads in the ribbon, a gold crown didn’t seem out of the question.  I used a Heidi Swapp rub-on, and, naturally, Stickles had to come into play.  The snowman is now royalty, and I like him a thousand percent better.

Dude says: “Um, isn’t it traditional to put a top hat on a snowman?”

Me: “A. I do not have a top hat, and B. He is King of the Snow People, thus a crown is appropriate.”

(Men!  They just don’t get it!)


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