Artchix is WHAT, now?!

So I don’t remember exactly when or why I decided to check out Artchix Studio; I only know I’d seen Helga’s ads many times in some of my favorite artsy publications and finally made the time to give Artchix a look-see.  I’m so glad I did!  Artchix Studio has wonderful art supplies and unique collage sheets, and fans can enter creative challenges and join super fun swaps.  (Getting a swap package back is like Christmas, because Helga always includes some wonderful goodies!)

So it turns out Artchix Studio has been around for – gasp! – TEN years!  (Really?!  Where have I been all that time?)  As part of the anniversary celebration, Helga posted this beautiful altered book digital collage and invited everyone to make something with all or part of the image:

(The gorgeous kitty on the left is Helga’s adorable fluffy friend Bruno!)

I didn’t see the post with the digital collage until I returned from vacation on Sunday, so there wasn’t much time.  Thus I decided to do what I do best: make an art journal!

I cut out the right-side image and glued it onto the left one, then cut strips from the right-side background and stamped the words.  Then it was just a matter of adding ribbon, deco tape, leaf trim, a flower and boatloads of bling!

The inside is filled with papers in fun animal prints, sketch paper and smaller inserts to allow for expansion.

I thought Helga might like to have a  journal to fill with memories and photos from the past ten years, as a keepsake celebrating Artchix Studio’s anniversary.  (Yes, I am popping it in the mail to her today!  I hope she loves it.)

Thank you, Helga, for everything you do!  Artchix has many, many fans and it’s all because of your friendliness, generosity and wonderful sense of fun.  You’re the best!  🙂


3 Responses to “Artchix is WHAT, now?!”

  1. lenna Says:

    Lisa, this is really wonderful! I love how you melded the 2 images together for the new cover. You are getting so adept at creating those bound books too, I’m impressed. Truly an awesome gift for Helga. Thanks for your comments on my card!

  2. Helga Says:

    Oh Lisa, this journal is soooo wonderful! Love it! So happy that you’re sending it to me, thank you so much! I will treasure it…what a great idea to make notes on memories throughout the 10 years…fantastic!

  3. Cindy McMath Says:

    Wow Lisa, this is awesome! What a lovely 10-year gift for Helga.

    Cindy 🙂

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