Enter the Spooky

Seems the Halloween shopping season is in full force!  I’m seeing giant displays of candy in all the grocery stores and Michael’s has put out the Lemax Spooky Town display.  I love shopping there while listening to the creaks and groans and other spooky sounds!

So I’m in the mood to make Halloween books!  Finished two yesterday and have a third waiting to be decorated.  I love sifting through my collection of black and orange trims, flowers, buttons and other embellishments for the covers.

Of course, Stickles glitter glue also plays a big part!  I have every color available and a color chart downloaded from Ranger so I can choose the perfect one (in this case, Lime Green).

After doing the “cute and sweet” book, I switched gears and went with something a bit more “wicked.”  (I don’t even want to know what’s brewing in that cauldron.  It’s Lime Green!)

I adore the satiny bat trim; it came on the same card as the orange velvet ribbon and they work well together.  (Couldn’t resist adding the lace.)

Both books are filled with Halloween themed papers.  I may have purchased a tad more than I needed, but there are so many great lines out there this year!


2 Responses to “Enter the Spooky”

  1. Terri Says:

    I am so enjoying your Halloween books! They are so cool and so much fun! Wish I’d had one of them when Bryn was having annual Halloween parties, it would have great to fill one of these with pictures and stories. You do Halloween so very well!

  2. Julie C Says:

    Wow! These are so awesome! LOVE them!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

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