Holly Jolly

So I’ve been working on some Halloween books, but got stalled in the process (thanks to leaving a bag full of cut papers in an inaccessible place!), so I decided to make a Christmas album.  It was a nice change from all the black cats and pumpkins and such, at least for now.  (I do love me some Halloween, though.) 

I was totally inspired by a Christmas album my BFF, Terri, just made.  I won’t say I blatantly STOLE her ideas and design and execution…but I did perhaps “lift” a few elements.  (Perhaps.)  Terri’s is much larger and so much nicer to look at.  I wasn’t able to steal the actual book because she kept an eagle eye on me (and rightly so), but I do have a good memory for details!  🙂

I started with a green velvet gift book; the covers were perfect for a holiday album.  7 Gypsies gaffer tape covers the raw edges where I cut away the spine.  I used my favorite color of velvet ribbon for a binding; the supplier calls it “olive green,” but it’s really more of a dark fawn color.  In any event, it works with just about everything.

The flowers are Jolee’s Boutique.  The letters spelling “bright” started out white; I dyed them with two shades of alcohol ink to get just the right color.  I used red alcohol ink on the gold buttons to give them a holiday feel and layered them on clear buttons dyed green.

The papers are from a line called “Holly Jolly Christmas.”  They’re so playful and cheery; I just love them.  They also helped get me in the mood to do a holiday book, as I was singing off and on the entire time I was sewing it together!

“Have a holly jolly Christmas…and in case you didn’t hear…oh, by golly, have a holly jolly Christmas this year!”


One Response to “Holly Jolly”

  1. Terri Says:

    Oh so Jolly! It’s adorable and the perfect book to ‘Journal Your Christmas’. Love it, Chick! I’m sure it’s loaded with Christmas spirit since you sang to it while making i. LOL!

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