Geisha in Pink

Really, what could be prettier?  I picked up a few more recycled cotton fabric gift bags at World Market last weekend and couldn’t wait to make another book.  I got only the smaller ones this time so I wouldn’t have so much trouble with the cover decorations.  I have so much trouble filling a large space.  But no matter the size, the covers are always a challenge!  I usually agonize for awhile, then have to leave it and come back.

Something always tells me what a piece “needs” when I come back to it after taking a breather.  This time I was inspired to add the deco tape along the left edge.  It’s exactly what it needed; the mustard color ties together the geisha’s obi and the kanji stamped in the bottom right corner (love, health and longevity).  And I like that it’s rather complicated.

I found the sweetest papers at Michael’s; “Carolyn Gavin” by K&Company.  Birds, flowers, leaves, great colors and some flocked and glittered.  Love ’em!


2 Responses to “Geisha in Pink”

  1. Terri Says:

    Such a lovely book. Those bags are a real find. You do them justice, Chickie! I like the stab binding, it’s appropriate for this theme.

    I just gave my paper copy of Memoirs of a Geisha to Anna to read. Loved that book! Have you seen the movie? It was also good.

  2. Nan Says:

    Hi Lisa…These albums are really pretty…your ideas are very inspiring. I love the file folders too.

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