Ballon Belle

Ever since I started looking for vintage balloon images, I’ve come to like them rather well.  Most are French, which is understandable, as that’s where the first manned flights were undertaken, back when Marie Antoinette was alive.  (In fact, she witnessed the first flight in which there were passengers, to wit: a sheep, a duck and a rooster.)  Some of these illustrations are quite fanciful; others are just, well…pretty.

My second balloon themed book is definitely on the feminine side; I didn’t even try to hold back this time.  I’m quite enamored of this illustration, in which doves toss flowers and envelopes (perhaps containing love letters?) from the balloon basket.

Velvet ribbon, lace, a vintage button, a banner with a flourish and a pretty seam binding ribbon for the closure.  Il est assez féminine!


One Response to “Ballon Belle”

  1. Terri Says:

    I love this image! I’m also certain those are love letters the doves are tossing from the basket. Another beautiful book, my friend.

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