Even in Victorian times, people were pasting pretty pictures into books (and they really did have some pretty pictures back then).  Calling cards, postcards, photographs, advertisements and pictures from magazines; all made their way into blank albums.  It’s a practice that has never ceased; only the names for it have changed over time.  Call it what you will, but suddenly it’s commercialized and they’re calling it “smash.”  Not a new idea, but certainly a hot one lately.

Happily, the ever-fabulous Mary Ann Moss provided her Full-Tilt Boogie students a bonus class: how to make a smash book that is uniquely yours and completely awesome.  Mary Ann used a heavyweight calendar page as the base for her smash book cover, which is a such a cool idea.  I was thinking about this while at Target recently, drooling over the new school supplies (really, who doesn’t love school supplies?) and wondered why a school folder wouldn’t work just as well.  They had some fabulous and fun designs and I couldn’t wait to get started.

I stitched the spine of the cover on this one and filled it with sketch paper, a few sheets of decorative paper and some smaller cardstock inserts to allow for expansion.  It ties shut with a length of seam binding.

I got a little more elaborate with the second one, adding velvet ribbon trim and a cool vintage button for a closure.

I may have to experiment with using decorative file folders next…I have a whole stack!


One Response to “Smash!”

  1. Sabrina Hall Hoeke Says:

    You are so smart to go to town with those folder covers. I love (love) back to school items also. And I’m a huge Target fan. I’m so glad you found a way to execute such an awesome book. I”m inspired but have no clue how you do that binding. Looks elaborate.

    How pleased are you?

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