Spooky Books

First, a shout-out to my local Joann Fabrics, which has devoted an entire endcap to Halloween themed paper packs…not just one, but three different collections!  And mat stacks!  And accessories!  Big thumbs-up, Joann’s, especially after my disappointment having just come from Michael’s, which has everything for Halloween crafting in the store you can possibly imagine.  Except paper.  Not even single sheets.  (Michael’s, get your act together.  It’s almost September!)

So the reason I was thrilled to find Halloween paper is that I had these two book covers all decorated and waiting to be made into awesome Halloween scrapbooks/journals.  Filling them with plain colored cardstock was not an option.  I wanted these books to be  judged by their covers – stuffed with Halloween-osity.

Hooray for black cats, bats and rats!  Haunted houses!  Dancing skeletons!  Happy jack-o-lanterns!  And what is apparently the latest rage (as I’ve seen the theme in in at least four companies’ paper collections): spooky silhouette portraits!

Left: Theresa Collins                                      Right: DCWV

Seriously, how cool are these?

Anyway, on to the books.  I made them both nice and fat, because I really like a small, yet hefty journal/album.  It just feels right, like a little treasure chest brimming with potential. 

I started by cutting apart thrift-store novels with plain black covers.  Lest anyone think cutting up a book is heresy, let me tell you this: the books I bought were in unread condition, and, judging by their titles/subjects, would have remained that way until they turned to dust in 10,000 years.  Not every tome is sacred!  🙂  As a voracious reader and lover of books, I was resistant to the idea back when altered books became all the rage.  Believe me, you get over it quickly once you realize you’re able to create something beautiful and/or useful from materials that otherwise would never have been wanted or loved.

I love black cats!  Interestingly, some of the vintage Halloween images I’ve run across have “regular” cats, like striped tabbies, depicted as a witch’s familiar.  Maybe the color doesn’t matter so much, especially if there’s a shortage.  🙂

This witch doesn’t have a cat, apparently preferring owls.  I like that she’s a cute strawberry blonde, too.  Way to blow up those stereotypes!

Inside view: stuffed with Halloween-osity!

I would say it doesn’t get much spookier than this, but I’m currently working on a super-small Halloween book that’s going to be seriously creeeeeeepy!  Stay tuned…


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