Answer: The One I Just Made

The question: Which is your favorite Full Tilt Boogie journal so far?

That’s a tough one, because I obsessively keep making them.  And my favorite is always the last one I made.  So the answer changes, literally from day to day!  Yes, I’ve been busy again.  I made a photo album full of black & white pages from a little hardcover book I found at the thrift store last month.  I really like the small books because I can trim and fold papers for them without doing any taping.  Not that I don’t love taping; it just takes a lot longer.  It’s fun and gratifying to get a book done in three hours.

Many, many thanks to the ridiculously creative and generous Barbara Hagerty, who sent me the little “album” cutout after I admired one on her blog.  It was exactly the right finishing touch!  (Pssst!  Go check out the AWESOME pop-up dragon in Barbara’s latest journal!  It totally rocks!)

I also finished up my final (for now!) frame block journal – “final” only because I don’t have any frame blocks left.  Although I do expect a couple more Victorian albums to arrive soon via some “Ebay swooping” success from last week, and look forward to having more frame blocks to work with.  This type of journal is particularly fast to put together (I can get one done in about an hour) because there’s no sewing involved and you don’t have to make any inside pages. 

As usual, I used Tim Holtz Kraft Resist paper, a vintage botanical print, some images from Artchix Studio, seam binding, lace, velvet ribbon and a button from my large stash (and by large, I mean…well, by now I’m sure you get the idea that I have a LOT of buttons).


4 Responses to “Answer: The One I Just Made”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    Lisa, both of these covers are just gorgeous! That Tim Holtz Kraft Resist paper made a nice neutral background for the floral and bird images. Love the lavenders and pale blues in the second one — and that trim is fabulous! Beautiful work (as usual!).

  2. Barbara Hagerty Says:

    WOW! Those are gorgeous! I love the birds and the botanicals! Lisa, you amaze me. Just when I think I’ve seen the best, you make one that’s even better!

  3. Geri Says:

    I love the birds and botanicals best too, but both are lovely

  4. Tina Says:

    Hi Lisa
    Your journals are beautiful – and so many you have made already. Love the pages you have shown in your posts too.
    So very pretty.
    xo Tina

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