My Bookshelf is Sagging

This is what happens when I have too many days off work: I go crazy making  journals using the awesome skillz I learned in Mary Ann Moss’s amazing Full Tilt Boogie class.  If you haven’t yet taken the plunge, perhaps I should warn you away!  Because it’s so much fun you’ll become completely obsessed and then all that precious space you now have that isn’t taken up by a ridiculous number of handmade journals will quickly disappear.

I made another frame-block journal, again using Tim Holtz kraft resist paper, a leftover vintage botanical print, some images from Artchix, 7 Gypsies tape, ecru lace I stippled with blue ink, seam binding and a button from my considerable stash (and by considerable, I mean I could make 25 button necklaces and still have enough left over to pave the driveway).

About three days ago, I found a thin Hallmark book about 5-1/2″ square called “A Little Book of Love” at the thrift store.  It was in near-perfect condition and filled with beautiful photos and quotes.  So naturally I had to rip out the pages and cut the covers up.  I used the first method we learned in “Full Tilt Boogie” to create this book filled with red, pink and reddish-pink papers, all with designs evocative of Valentines.  Plus a few plain black ones for variety.  I was able to use ribbon for the “straps” as it’s so small.  I may have gone a little overboard with the buttons.  (If I did, don’t tell me, ’cause it was really fun putting them on there.)  I worked it out so the ribbon would cover the words “A Little Book of.”  Because clearly it’s a little book; I don’t think that needs spelling out.  🙂

10 Responses to “My Bookshelf is Sagging”

  1. Barbara Hagerty Says:

    These. Are. Gorgeous. !

    And I love this:

    “…It was in near-perfect condition and filled with beautiful photos and quotes. So naturally I had to rip out the pages and cut the covers up….”

    Sounds like me, Lisa! XOXO

  2. laurie Says:

    These are beautiful, where is that swirly design on the spine from ?? Is that Tim H? Its beautiful, I would love to hear how you did it. I need to get my books posted ! Isn’t this the best class ever!
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Jacqui Says:


  4. Emie Says:


  5. Jenny Says:

    Your journals are beautiful! I’m doing the same obsessive journal making…its so hot here in the Midwest I can’t bear to go outside so this is what I do. I need to get busy filling them instead of making them!

  6. Michelle LaPoint Rydell Says:

    I Love your journals! They are both gorgeous, and they each have a unique personality to them! I love the pink signatures and black and white tapes on the Love one!

  7. jan Says:

    Your little Love journal is so precious. Love the contrast of the black and white against the red and pink. The frame block journal is quite lovely too. Now I see that I must get to work on my practice book.

  8. donna joy Says:

    love them both-i guess i really need to get into gear and get a book started-gave my “sample” book away

  9. Corrine Says:

    Wow, just saw your work on Artsee. Really creative juices flowing here. Mary Ann Moss’s classes are as amazing as she is. Love that you up cycle! xox Corrine

  10. Nan Says:

    Love this journal….I think I saw that book! It was good to see you last week. This new class by MAM looks so good. I still am playing with my sewing machine from the last class she did. 🙂 Nan

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