Thrift Store Score!

There’s a nifty lil’ thrift store in the town I ostensibly live in.  (I say ostensibly, because we actually live 7 miles from the town itself, but our mail comes from the post office there.)  It’s one of those places that takes a minute or less to drive through (30 seconds if you’re speeding) with a population of just over 500.  The thrift store, therefore, is ripe for the picking, as very few “big city folks” even know about it, much less make the trip.  They always have an eclectic mix of modern, vintage and what I call “crazy” (which is the stuff somewhere in between that seems to serve no logical purpose).  The favorite topic among the ladies that run the place is the latest ailment suffered by themselves, their husbands, their friends, their children, their great-aunt on their father’s side and whoever they just ran into at the Winn-Dixie.  It’s a comfortable place and one I always enjoy visiting.

I made quite a nice haul there today…

I’m hoping to make a Full Tilt Boogie journal from the Candyland game board (see previous eleventy-thousand posts in which I sing the praises of this awesome on-line class) and from the small black hardcover book (which you really can’t see, but it’s nice and small and square).  The Rummikub game has cool number tiles.  The large white book is one from the Audobon Nature Library encyclopedias and is full of great nature pictures I can use.  (I left the other seven behind for now.)  I chose sewing patterns with fun images to use in collage, and the pattern tissue always comes in handy.  There are two unopened packages of lace seam binding, two unopened wallpaper borders (one textured), some hair clips (good for holding signatures while sewing book pages) and a box of wedding rose petals, which I’ll put together to make whole flowers.  Not pictured: a camp shirt/smocked tank set that looks brand new and will fit me perfectly. 

Total spent: $10.75.  I love me a bargain!  🙂


One Response to “Thrift Store Score!”

  1. Terri Says:

    Nice loot! And such a bargain!

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