Because I Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone

Mary Ann Moss continues to inspire me with the awesome Full Tilt Boogie class (see previous seven thousand posts in which I sing her praises); it’s gotten to the point where I’m dreaming about making art journals!  (No, I mean literally dreaming, while I’m asleep!)  I woke up early this morning with buttons in my head.  Not because my husband drives me crazy when he doesn’t hit the “mute” button during commercials, but because Mary Ann’s been showing us some ways to decorate the outside of our journals, and at one point she used a button to make a closure.

So it got me to thinking, maybe buttons would dress up those plain ribbon flaps on the two antique albums I’ve made so far.  Happily, I have an extensive button collection (and by “extensive,” I mean I could provide fasteners for all the childrens’ coats in China), so I rolled out of bed and went straight to the button drawer.  No, I did not stop to brush my teeth.  (What, are you kidding?  My muse was in full flame!)  And so…voila.  Or, as Mary Ann would say, “Wa-laaaaaaaaaaa……”

I’ve been playing in my “lady journal,” which is why it looks so much fatter and has a rubber band on it.  I also added more 7 Gypsies tape to the top edge of the front cover as it had started to come apart.  I imagine this book has had more handling in the last week than it did the previous 80 years!

I really like this one so much better with the buttons.  Thank you, Mary Ann!  🙂


7 Responses to “Because I Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone”

  1. Nancy Lynn Says:

    Your journals are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing. I love using buttons for closures and decoration. I have collected and used them for years. I love what you did with yours.

  2. Barbara Hagerty Says:

    You made it BETTER? It was perfect, and now the perfect book is even PERFECT-ER! I agree with you, Lisa. The buttons look fabulous!!

  3. borchisko Says:

    TOTALLY GORRRRRRGOUS!!!!! I’m jealous of your production!!

  4. Pauline Charlesworth Says:

    They are really lovely and the buttons look really good.

  5. donna joy Says:

    gorgeous-and yes, the buttons add that last touch!

  6. Linda Says:

    fabulous dear!! I love the buttons!! perfect touch!! :))

  7. Victoria Gowins Grobels Says:

    I love the buttons on your albums – beautiful!

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