Boogie: The Third

Clearly I had too many days off in a row this week, because I spent this afternoon making yet another journal inspired by the wonderful Mary Ann Moss and her awesome Full Tilt Boogie class!

I had purchased some 7 Gypsies book covers – they’re very cool and very inexpensive – but didn’t have the slightest idea what to do with them before.  Today I used the Victoria covers:

They’re the perfect size for a 4×6 photo album.  I filled the inside with Tim Holtz kraft resist paper.  I think colorful photos will look amazing on these backgrounds:

I also added a few sheets of ledger paper for journaling purposes.

And the outside?  Well, it’s very, very, very…pink.  I happened to have some velvet ribbon and vintage seam binding that were about the same rosy pink color, so I rolled with it.  And I’m happy to say that THIS TIME, there were no binding issues!  Everything went as smoothly as icing on cake.  (Now, for some reason, I feel like having dessert.)

Unfortunately for me (and fortunately for my dwindling book cover stash), I have to work the next couple of days.  Of course, there’s no reason I couldn’t take some of my paper stash to work and do a little folding on my lunch hour, is there?  Hmmm….


6 Responses to “Boogie: The Third”

  1. Donna Says:

    just came over from FTB. Such a gorgeous journal .. the cover! Brilliant. Love the paper. Actually I just used some on a journal cover not long ago. Isn’t the class fun! Donna

  2. Barbara Hagerty Says:

    Lisa, you’re books are so hot they’re smokin’! LOVE them all!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    This is impressive! The bright pink you use really pops here. Everything about this is pleasing to the eye. Keep up this momentum.

  4. Linda Says:

    I lo it! great idea and the pages are perfect!! way to go! you have been a busy bee!! I really have to get going on mine!! if you have a used book store around check with them they may have books they just want to get rid of! (how I got a huge stash a couple of years ago and used lots of pages for ephemera and all!! way fun!) have fun I am off to work on some of the other pages and then hope to rewatch the videos and start my pages!! hugs!

  5. Kathy Eddy Says:

    This is just gorgeous! Great job and I hope you can make some on your break!

  6. Violet Says:

    I’m doing the FTB too and am so inspired by your journals. Added your blog to my favorites:)

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