Friday was a great day!  Met my BFF Terri for a wonderful class by Stayce DeWid in which we made “Happy” books using Tattered Angels products.  (Stayce blogged about it here – fortunately I did not end up in any of the photos!)

I had not actually tried any of Tattered Angels’ wonderful glimmery sprays before, and let me tell you; they are super fun and super beautiful!  I’d been avoiding media that sprays because it tends to be rather messy, but even with that risk, these are well worth it.  (Yes, I AM slightly more broke after going crazy buying Glimmer Mist.  Why do you ask?)

This is Stayce’s sample:

Pretty much everything we used started out white – the book itself, the ribbons, the flowers, the lace trim, even the butterfly on the cover.  The letters, by Prima, are made of canvas, and took the spray dyes really well.  Stayce’s sample for the class was much more subtle than my finished book, because I couldn’t resist adding a coat of glitter to just about everything!

I didn’t like the black coil binder that came with the book, so I replaced it with some gold fiber woven through the holes and then strung on a few beads.   Stayce showed us how she did the inside pages, but I kept losing track of the sample book, so I sort of struck out on my own here and there and then added more embellishments when I got home.  I haven’t yet decided what I’m going to use the book for, but it’s ready for photos and journaling!


One Response to “Happy!”

  1. Cindy Says:

    That is a beautiful book. I would use it for making notes about upcoming trips.

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