Chicken of the Sea

Because, really, that’s the only thing mermaids and cats ever had in common.

Until now!  Over at Artchix Studio, there’s a swap for ATCs on the theme of cats or mermaids.  Or, cats and mermaids.  It’s totally up to you!  The postmark deadline is June 1, so there’s plenty of time to get in on the fun.

So far I’ve only made two ATCs, both with a mermaid theme.  I think I’ll probably do cats for the rest, as they are one of my favorite subjects.  Not that mermaids aren’t; I just like cats better.  🙂

The picture doesn’t really do justice to the “shimmery” aspect of these.  I used Pearl-Ex in interference colors (gold, green and blue) on a black surface, and they glow at  certain angle in the light.  I’ve had these jars of Pearl-Ex for at least ten years!  At one of the many rubber stamp conventions I used to attend, they were a huge hit.  Every so often I drag them out to play, and the mermaid theme seemed perfect for some glimmer.  The shell stamp is by Ducks in a Row; I won their card contest a few years ago (coincidentally, my card had a mermaid theme!), and have lots of their stamps.  The mermaids are “Eco Shapes” from Artchix Studio.  They are apparently made using a laser to cut out the shape, as they have dark edges and smell faintly of burned paper.  (I love that smell!  It reminds me of a campfire.)

Now on to the cats!

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