Of Books and Bad Kitties :)

Lenna Andrews is hosting a mini book swap and I couldn’t wait to get started!  I love mini books of all types and they’re so enjoyable to make.  Unfortunately this particular swap is full, but keep an eye on her blog; she always has interesting and fun swaps to play in.

At first I decided to make books with shrink plastic covers.  This proved a little daunting, as it’s tricky to get certain coloring mediums to work just right with shrink plastic.  Then there’s the tendency for the plastic to shrink unevenly, or to acquire odd waves, dents or bumps.  (Seriously, where do those come from?!)  And, if you happen to accidentally fling drops of alcohol blending solution onto a cover that you’ve carefully inked and stamped to perfection – well, you might as well just kiss it goodbye.  (Yup.  Voice of experience.)

I did manage to complete one shrink plastic book successfully, and that will be Lenna’s hostess gift (which is why I won’t show it here so as to not ruin the surprise).

In the meantime, I knew I needed to switch gears and try something a little less…unpredictable.  There was a recent discussion in one of my online groups about the sad dearth of good crafting shows on TV these days.  Remember  Aleene’s Creative LivingCarol DuvallCreative Juice?  All history, baby!  Then someone mentioned there’s a new show out there, Crafting at the Spotted Canary.  So I decided to start recording it last week.  The projects tend to run a little too far to the “cute/scrapbooky” side for my taste, but there are some really good technique ideas from what I’ve seen.  A couple days ago, they happened to feature an envelope book, which gave me a spark!

I have a rubber stamp (unmounted and purchased many years ago, so I don’t remember who makes it) of a template for a tiny envelope (1″ x 1-1/2″).  So I wondered – how cool would it be to make an envelope book using teeny tiny eeny beeny itsy bitsy envelopes?  Cool as all get-out, that’s how cool.   Observe!

Cute, right?  Oh – I was going to put a quarter in the photo so you could see how small these really are.  But I forgot.  So just imagine there’s a quarter in the photo.  Okay,  check it out.  NOW are you impressed by how tiny they are?  (I know, right?)

The insides are even cuter…six wee lil’ envelopes, each with a teeny beeny slip of paper inside.

I glued a little heart punch to the edge of each paper so it could be pulled out easily.  The books are made entirely with K & Co double-sided papers from the Que Sera Sera collection.  You could probably make 500 of these mini books from one paper stack!  Not that I’m going to.  🙂

Oh, and you probably noticed that one of the books has a different fiber holding it shut than the other three.  That’s because I made the mistake of leaving my studio door open while I went into the living room to watch Survivor the other night.  When I got back, I discovered that my beautiful, yet destructive eight month-old kitten, Taz, had stolen the remaining fiber that was slated to go on the fourth book, had her way with it and left it, beaten and broken, on the floor under my chair.  It had been chewed through in two places and was covered with kitty spit.  (That was really fun to step on, let me tell you!)  So I had to find a different fiber to use on the fourth book.  Fortunately, my BFF, Terri, gave me about six kazillion fibers awhile back (yay, Terri!  Love ya!), so I had many to choose from.  Still, it bugs me that they don’t all match.  Which is silly, because they’re going to four different places.  (It’s just the OCD kicking in, that’s all.)

Good thing for Taz she’s so cute.


3 Responses to “Of Books and Bad Kitties :)”

  1. Lenna Andrews Says:

    dear Lisa,
    You always come up with the greatest ideas and swap responses. Your little envelope books are awesome, totally awesome! I love the idea of the pages being little teeny tiny envelopes!!! And a tiny shrink plastic cover book for me? I love it! Thank you so much.

  2. Donna Says:

    Hi Lisa … just saw your books on Lenna’s blog and had to zip over here to get the scoop. I’m in LOVE! They are so teenie tiny terrific! And the little hearts on each piece of paper … how clever. Looks like you are having fun over here. I’m loving watching all the different books come in. I’m hooked. Drop over and see me. Donna

  3. Nancy Says:

    Lisa, these are just terrific. Itty bitty is right! And Taz.. so innocent looking while asleep. But I know differently as we also have a kitten. The sewing room is her personal playground and I spend time kitten-proofing it (usually unsuccessfully!). She’s so pretty. Still working on my little books, and appreciating the inspiration I’m getting from seeing yours.

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