It Happened Again!

So a few months ago, the Stampington newsletter, Post Script, issued a challenge to its readers to create projects using one or more of the Stampington 2010 calendars, which were on sale for $2 each.   I used to challenge myself to make collages using only images cut or torn from magazines, a black pen and a bottle of glue.  They were colorful and fun to make, and it occurred to me that the calendar images would be just like the ones from magazines.  So why not make a few collages to submit?

I did some paper weaving and pen work and came up with four postcards and two bookmarks.  Sent them off and, as with the poppy wall hanging, promptly forgot they existed.

Today the newest issue of Green Craft arrived, with this now-familiar cover sheet:

Hooray!  I didn’t win the challenge (that honor went to Glenda Miles, who created an adorable accordion book), but it was thrilling to see three beautiful photographs of my work and a few paragraphs about the technique and inspiration.  Thank you, Stampington!  🙂


One Response to “It Happened Again!”

  1. Cindy Says:

    That is a great achievement. Congratulations.

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