And Yet Another…Already!

So I was racking my brain for story inspiration while I made a ham sandwich this afternoon (see previous post re: “oink”) and happened to catch sight of all the magnets on the refrigerator.  It’s actually odd that there are so many, because I almost never buy magnets.  Most of them have been received as gifts or in swaps, and there’s quite a variety.  The one that inspired my next story was received in a rubber stamp swap.  The design is a little sign that reads “Missing: Husband and Rubber Stamps.  Reward for Stamps.”

Okay, it’s pretty pithy.  But it gave me an idea.  Lost husband, reward for…cat!  It would be the perfect way to show off a photo of our new kitten, Taz.  Bonus: with the addition of a palm tree and appropriate lettering, I could create an homage to one of my favorite TV shows, LOST.  It’s silly, it’s fun…and most importantly, it didn’t take long to do!  (Did I mention this has to be mailed on Saturday?)


One Response to “And Yet Another…Already!”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Taz is a seriously rockin’ cat! Love his little buff self!

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